Phone sweepstakes scams

Phone sweepstakes scams

By learning to recognize the warning signs of a sweepstakes scam, you can verify that it is legitimate from another source like a phone book. Sweepstakes scams usually start with an over-sized envelope in the mail. In the telephone version, the criminal will tell you that in order to claim your prize. Learn about a common sweepstakes scam - a phone call saying that you won, and asking for personal information that could be used for.
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Phone sweepstakes scams -

Their Advertising is very tempting. For sad daughter, PCH is halfway a scam, they do sell you stuff legitly making you think your odds are better of, even though in small print it says "no purchase necessary". PCH Loser June 5, reply.

I was texted from said I won Fcebook lottery. This is a particularly insidious version of the scam as it uses the trust between family members to succeed in scamming people out of their money.

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  1. In this scam, the con criminal makes you think you have won a great prize or sweepstakes.

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