Ideas for summer fair prizes

Ideas for summer fair prizes

In amongst all the bunting and harmless fun at your local summer fête lies a It involved a fair amount of Woody Guthrie. But the result – enough prizes in order to entice children to hand over £1 – proves it was worthwhile. Browse theme ideas for your summer fair, from Wild West to a country fayre. inside which are a choice of prizes, from a voucher for the cake stall to a top prize . Our comprehensive guide to games and stalls for your spring and summer fairs. We make it easy to find the right ideas for your fair. Place a raffle ticket inside each balloon, which correlate to different prizes. Alternatively, place notes in each.

Ideas for summer fair prizes -

Here is a simple variation, perfect for a school fete or summer fair. Kid's versions alongside adult is often a good idea. You will also receive 2 full colour A4 poster We also advised them to display their wares in straw baskets and for the food stalls to focus on traditional items.

Plasticine or modeling clay makes a good base for anything that needs to stand up.

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: Ideas for summer fair prizes

Ideas for summer fair prizes 89
Ideas for summer fair prizes How to win money for free on the internet
Ideas for summer fair prizes

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School Carnival Games and Ideas

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Ideas for summer fair prizes -

This is another easy one for people to do. Younger children enjoyed storytelling featuring traditional Brazilian tales. The theme was decided pretty quickly and was based around a tea-cup ride. Kid's versions alongside adult is often a good idea. The local bike shop sponsored this, and ran a bicycle obstacle course. Pick a lolly really is the king of stalls. Ask for people to donate bottle bags with bottles of anything inside - shampoo, sauce, juice, washing up liquid, wine, etc.

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Do you have some fantastic ideas for summer fair games? A Hoopla stall is a must for the village fete. Inthe theme was "emergency vehicles". This is a great variation on the normal fundraiser if you have the space.

Pony rides, candyfloss, a Punch and Judy show and peep-through photo boards.

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  1. Giving your spring or summer fair a theme will add magic and excitement - and can make it a lot easier to think of related stalls and attractions.

  2. By having a variety of games at your fair, you're guaranteed to keep your audience milling around and spending their money for longer.

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Summer Fair - Ideas for Kids Competitions

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