Camp master popcorn prizes for boy

Camp master popcorn prizes for boy

CAMP MASTERS 5 oz. Weekly Fill It Up Contest – For every Filled Up take order form, Scouts can enter Online sales count toward prizes and commissions. Attend the Popcorn Kickoff on August 29, get an extra 1% commission. ✓ Receive up to an additional 5% Unit goal and per boy sales goal. • 1 Family Guide (with Take-Order form) per scout. 4. Conduct a Unit Product. Council News · Sign Up for Our Email Newsletter · Boys' Life Magazine · Scouting Magazine · Facebook Kathy Brinich- Council Popcorn Kernel - [email protected] FINAL Prize Order Deadline ~ NO EXCEPTIONS! We' re coordinating with Campmaster's to send tasty popcorn snacks in care.

2018 Popcorn Sale

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Fundraising for the Future with CAMP MASTERS Popcorn

Requirements Internet Advancement Current Opportunities. Council Kernel Joe Allegra Earn a free week of camp! You do not have to handle any popcorn or money yourself. Popcorn Unit Commitment Form.

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Boy Scout Popcorn 2016

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  1. This is an officially approved council-unit money-earning project that many packs, troops and crews participate in each year.

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