Is forever 21 legit

Is forever 21 legit

Original review: Nov. 6, I ordered two items online from Forever 21 in July to be shipped to the store closest to my house, figuring that this would be. Do you trust Forever 21? Join customers in voicing your opinion today! | altosunscreen.corcom. Read reviews about Forever 21 from industry experts and real consumers. Find the best Clothing Websites company for you. Is forever 21 legit 2018 EUROMILLIONS UNCLAIMED PRIZES 557 FILL MY BELLY APP PRIZES 571 Consolation prizes table saw 113 High paying administrative jobs 293 WHERE CAN YOU GET FREE DIAPERS FOR LOW INCOME FAMILY 4

: Is forever 21 legit

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Is forever 21 legit

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Is forever 21 legit -

Today I got to the store to exchange the shirt and when it turns out they don't have it in stock I ask the lady to just order it online again for me right there. I really need this case to close so I can get my money. I had a hard time finding it I called customer service three times and same response each time telling me they need more time and that the issue is still under investigation. To see why, sign up below!

Stay away and save your money. I love everything they sell, sure, BUT they have horrible customer service when it comes to Is forever 21 legit needing something. Once I showed her the spot she notified me that "damaged items could not be returned.

Extremely poor customer service. The quality of their customer service, clothing, and physical locations has completely deteriorated.

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