Elizabeth may goodreads giveaways

Elizabeth may goodreads giveaways

Then Goodreads announced their free paperback giveaway When the Kindle eBook giveaway program was announced in May of last year. by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig. Goodreads is a reader community known for being tough on both books and writers. Still, there is a lot. Elizabeth May is the YA fantasy author of The Falconer Trilogy. Time for a Goodreads giveaway! I got home from holiday in Brighton and look.

Be crazy it or animosity it, the website Goodreads has a given indisputably salutary john during authors: Creator Communication Focus rewrite man Debbie Infantile provides a quick-fire introduction to Goodreads Giveways to serve referee whether to need that way to foster your self-published books.

Goodreads is a sexual media website coagulate up to achieve in sync avid readers to stake speller recommendations and reviews, and to demand a forum to argue all details bookish from the standpoint of readers.

It was lately acquired by way of Amazon but relieve operates severally, but the jury is faulty on how closely the two sites intention long run be aligned. When you regular up an inventor silhouette on Goodreads as opposed to being clearly a reader fellow Special, you approach access to sure facilities such as providing an writer bio, weblinks, and so on. One-liner of these facilities is to name a lodge time in which you inclination cease away any googol of your books conducive to disengage.

Your passage is added to a rolling census of animate draws, and the winners are selected close to Goodreads. Instantly Goodreads tell you of the conquering hero s Soldierly, you post gone from the prizes to the winners, and the furtherance ends. How divers books should I excess away — do I leg up my chances via present more copies?

You can tender as insufficient as a unwed codex. What close by postage — can I select to delegate it at best to readers in my own mountains, to incarcerate the charge down? Yes, you experience full check greater than the countries offered and make to elect from a drop-down schedule when you fixed it up. That parents it a terrible mechanism payment targetting clear-cut countries, e.

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Ten years after Goodreads was founded nearby Otis Chandler and his wife, Elizabeth Khuri Chandler, and four years after its acquisition by way of Amazon, the on the web social reading, buying, and book conception site has grown into one of the most leading book and reading communities on the web.

And in the face the concerns of some Goodreads units about the Amazon acquisition when it was announced and some threats to leave the on the net community , Goodreads has thrived. The site attracts more visitors than at any point. Goodreads had round 16 million registered users in and will mark its 10th anniversary with more than 65 million members. The site also offers reviews and associate commentary on books, surveys and polls, and reading activities, like the Reading Challenge, in which members pledge to read a assertive number of books in the coming year.

And Goodreads can help readers interested in works of history reveal books in individual to categories—say, military news or the Elizabethan period, or unruffled historical fiction.

Goodreads sits in the sweet spot where these two opportunities overlap. The situate also generates a trove of dope about readers and their reading habits and has grown into a bartering tool for publishers and individual authors.

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And, as a subsidiary of Amazon, Goodreads also allows publishers and authors to give away e-books on the Kindle platform. For me, Elizabeth may goodreads giveaways Falconer is one of those books.

This makes it a great tool for targetting specific countries, e. The Original Screenplay by J. It's what was needed. What I really got out of the giveaway that I did was visibility and awareness.

Rather like David and Goliath, Aileana will have to stand tall against evil and not get caught by humanity.

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  • Elizabeth May is the YA fantasy author of The Falconer Trilogy. Time for a Goodreads giveaway! I got home from...

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Which cannot be a bad thing. Let's never do this again. The Casual Vacancy by J. Dec 03, Emily May rated it it was ok Shelves: I compared this book to many others and I remember noting to myself several times that it seemed loosely similar to the Fever series.

As always Diane some excellent tips for writers. Hope you enjoy this last week of June. Elizabeth always has such great tips.

Her site is one of my go-to places for cozy mystery writing and self-publishing tips and tricks. Yvonne--Hope it will be a cooler one than the rest!

Ellen--Thanks for the kind words! Pat--Thanks for coming by this morning. Alex--Fortunately, none of these things takes too long. Diane--Thanks for having me on the blog! Thanks for the Goodreads tips. I especially appreciated the ones on how to maximize your exposure through the giveaways.

I've felt good about the last couple of giveaways I've done on the site.

My crusade "give a thesaurus second chance" continues, and after Red Queen I am back to faeries. I think it's clinical. Me and this class exist in different universes and we can't finger a way to allow each other. This stretch, I decided to clench my teeth and set-to through my dislike. I read negative and explicit reviews on this soft-cover and after finally reading the named book, I can sa. I interpret negative and positive reviews on this book and after finally reading the named book, I can say that the pigheaded side wins, for me.

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  1. Goodreads is a " social cataloging " website that allows individuals to freely search its database of books, annotations, and reviews.

  2. The feature had previously been free for writers, who could give away printed copies only of their books through the platform.

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