Dress giveaway

Dress giveaway

The annual prom dress giveaway is up and running once again, offering free dresses, jewelry and other accessories to girls in the area that. The Minnesota nonprofit, If the Dress Fits, is proud to present their third annual prom dress giveaway event. WHERE: Bella Rose Bridal Mall Dr. Duluth, MN. DULUTH, Minn. – If the Dress Fits will be holding its third annual Prom Dress Giveaway for local high school students on Sunday March 18 from.

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For more information on the giveaway or to inquire about how to take part, call You can have Dress giveaway as long as you want it. Each student must Dress giveaway a valid school ID card or other proof of enrollment at the time of the appointment. Only the personal shoppers and other volunteers should handle dresses until a girl has checked out. P-J photo by Katrina Fuller.

Scott said the doors will be open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from p. The annual prom dress Dress giveaway is up and running once again, offering Dress giveaway dresses, jewelry and other accessories to girls in the area that may not have the means to procure them on their own.

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Dress giveaway -

Studio D is hosting its second annual dress give away at the location for the month of May. Volunteers will serve as personal shoppers for students attending the boutiques. Each eligible girl will receive a dress, shoes, jewelry, and free or discounted hair and makeup services or products while supplies last. The annual prom dress giveaway is up and running once again, offering free dresses, jewelry and other accessories to girls in the area that may not have the means to procure them on their own.

Girls are given personal shoppers who create an extra special boutique shopping experience for them. The organization will have wipes available for girls to use. That spurred the creation of the dress giveaway.

: Dress giveaway

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  1. We set up our Prom Dress Giveaway Boutiques like a real department store with dress racks and accessory departments.

  2. The Key Bank Building has become a dress boutique for the next few weeks in honor of prom season.

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