6iv ditto giveaway sweepstakes

6iv ditto giveaway sweepstakes

DISCLAIMER: This Ditto is a clone. If it is a clone of a legitimate Ditto or not, I do not know, but it'd be safer to assume it isn't. Therefo. 6 IV Ditto Giveaway! [IMG] Hello again! I would like to help distribute Dittos to people who would like to learn how to breed competitively once. I am teaming up with @Tenebris_Kane to perform my first ever giveaway here on Pokemon Forever. I have cloned my 6 IV Ditto and have done.

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6iv ditto giveaway sweepstakes

: 6iv ditto giveaway sweepstakes

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  1. I would like to help distribute Dittos to people who would like to learn how to breed competitively once again.

  2. So I have been noticing a large need for breeding Dittos for those who wish to breed their own teams out.

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